Management Team

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'B' Builders and Designers Core Management Team

Behind the success of 'B' Builders and Designers is the indomitable spirit of its core team consisting of Paavendhan, Maheswari Paavendhan and Karuppusamy. In addition to the trio who make things happen at 'B' Builders and Designers, there is a team of 6 members, of whom, 3 are diploma holders in civil engineering who take care of the company’s need for technical expertise. The other 3 members attend to sales, purchase and general management.


Total Commitment to Customer Needs – Our Driving Force

Paavendhan’s deep involvement and his entrepreneurial zeal can be judged from the fact that he had committed himself to the profession of designing and construction even before he had obtained his degree in Structural Engineering and Construction Management from the Regional Engineering College, Jalandhar. His involvement in designing and construction had begun during his childhood days and his enthusiasm for designing is revealed by the fact he was a fervent designer and began his career from home. He is a self-starter, and designing and construction is his first love.

Customers’ Get Personal Attention from Core Team

In spite of his busy schedule, he never misses a single opportunity to personally supervise the projects that 'B' Builders and Designers accept for execution. He does the monitoring on a day to day basis and gives his attention even to the minutest of details. Part of the reasons for 'B' Builders and Designers’ success in a highly competitive field like building designing and construction is attributable to his hard work and his systematic approach toward accomplishing his job.

Maheswari Paavendhan takes care of the company’s financial management, and Karuppusamy looks after customer, reception and public relations. Their commitment too is total and their role is no less in intensity or contribution. By working in tandem, they strive to give nothing but the best to all their patrons and customers.

Our technical, sales and purchase team meets all the ideal requirements of our customers – they are knowledgeable, understand customers’ needs like no one else in the industry and they are renowned for the courteous and selfless approach.