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It is our pleasure to introduce 'B' Builders and Designers as the preferred destination for building designing & construction needs for more than 13 years. We cover the entire gamut of civil works -
  • Elevation designing for villas, luxury homes, independent homes, apartments, commercial & industrial buildings, rental apartments & homes, public buildings, swimming pools, automobile showrooms, shopping malls and colleges & schools

  • Consultation services for buildings, building work on contract basis, construction supervising, renovation of existing buildings and maintenance

  • Interior Decoration, and junk art with recycled materials

Reasons to Prefer Us

We are widely acclaimed for our quality of service. We use only the best quality material and we are recognized for our high quality of workmanship and timely delivery. Our team of engineers is among the most experienced across various construction activities, and it is our constant endeavor to innovate and improve through the use of latest technology and equipment unrelentingly.

Our Massive Infrastructure & Superior Skills Sets

Our infrastructure and skills sets are extensive, and we are reputed for our in-depth understanding of the construction industry as it functions in India. Our engineers are simply superbly trained to follow instructions meticulously and systematically and when you entrust work to us, you are assured that we will follow them without even the slightest deviation.

All construction equipment is available with us in-house. That means great advantage to our clients and customers and faster delivery of work. The advantages are –

  • Your project cost will remain within your budget

  • There will be no cost-overrun thereby ensuring profitability as planned

  • Timely delivery to customers thereby winning their confidence

  • Material usage will be within your projections for the project

Highly Developed Management System

In addition to our strength in this arena, what has made us click with our clients and customers alike is the systematic management system we follow. Through our intelligible use of our management solutions we are able to deliver construction services that not many can even think about in their dreams. The management system we use ensures that the work you entrust with us is monitored on a systematic basis and regularly.

We are Proactive & Positive in Our Approaches

We take a proactive approach towards our customers and we work with them even before the construction activity has commenced. We help our customers get their plans approved by government agencies, arrange for construction finance, and provide any other services they require to make their venture a big success.